Campaigners rejoice as Lewisham hospital halts plans to sign contract with services company SERCO

Lewisham Hospital. Pic: Juan Luis Passarelli

Lewisham Hospital. Pic: Juan Luis Passarelli

Campaigners are victorious this week as Lewisham and Greenwich hospital have halted its plans to sign a procurement services contract with government services company, SERCO.

The Lewisham and Greenwich National Health System Trust made the decision in a board meeting on Tuesday, which was also attended by the campaigners.

The board decided that a contract with SERCO would not represent value for tax payers’ money. Concerns were also raised about SERCO’s  reputation.

SERCO is currently under investigation  over the way it charged the government in contracts to electronically tag criminals.

The government has also decided not to allow SERCO any further contracts until it receives a clean bill of health.

Campaigners from the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign, who are against the privatisation of NHS core services, have welcomed the Trust’s decision.

A campaign representative said: “Wherever possible, trusts must retain NHS skills in-house and we hope that Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust will seek to collaborate with other like-minded trusts”.

An online petition to rally support against the procurement contract with SERCO had gained over 500 signatures.

Another group of campaigners, Lewisham’s People Before Profit, are now planning to hold a celebration at Telegraph Hill to mark the victory on Sunday, 26 January.


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