Lewisham council withdraws Catford regeneration plans following TfL crucial review of road improvements

Catford regeneration project. Pic: Lewisham Council

Catford regeneration project. Pic: Lewisham Council

Long-anticipated plans to regenerate Catford Town Centre have come to a standstill, after Lewisham Council withdrew its plans from consideration.

The decision comes after Tfl decided to review its road improvement proposals, which were central to the Council’s plans.

The proposals were related to the relocation of the South Circular (A205) to the rear of Laurence House in Catford.

The regeneration plans which aim to guide where and how development should take place in the town centre till 2026, were first submitted to the Secretary of State for Examination in November last year.

However, the plans were apparently withdrawn on December 19 last year, after a consultation with TfL.

On its website, Lewisham Council said: “Work on the CTCLP (Catford Town Centre Local Plan) has been halted but it is expected to resume later this year, with further work carried out once the results of the TFL review are known”.

The Council said that Tfl has indicated that its review might take up to six months.

Some residents and businesses in the area were not aware that plans have been withdrawn and had mixed feelings on the matter.

Musician, Gerard Johnson said: “Catford is in need of regeneration, I don’t know the details of these plans that have been withdrawn, don’t know if they are good or bad plans. If this plan has come to nothing, I hope another plan can be found, that the council can support and will eventually go ahead.”

Business owner, Gerry Mac Sweeney, 49, said: “From a selfish point of view, I am glad the regeneration is not going ahead, because I will have to close the shop for a year or two. However my views are totally selfish, because the area does need regenerating.”

Gerry Mac Sweeney, business owner. Pic: Bunmi Abidogun

Gerry Mac Sweeney, business owner. Pic: Bunmi Abidogun

Another shop owner, Vu Dang, 35, of Saigon Foods said: “I wanted the regeneration plan for Catford to go ahead. Any improvement of the area would be a positive thing.”

Vu Dang, shop owner. Pic: Bunmi Abidogun

Vu Dang, shop owner. Pic: Bunmi Abidogun

Some shop owners on Catford Mews were also relief, as their businesses would have been affected under the proposed regeneration plans.

They said their premises would have been completely demolished, with no offer of relocation.




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