Croydon residents talk about the new 20mph scheme

A scheme that will see speed limits go down to 20 mph is being piloted on six roads across Croydon: ELL spoke to residents of Croydon to get their opinion on the plans.

The Council has taken the initiative in an attempt to make pupils safer and will benefit schools by reducing speeds at the beginning and end of school days. The schools where the scheme is being rolled out are:

  • Ark Oval Primary Academy – Cherry Orchard Road, Addiscombe
  • Chipstead Valley Primary – Chipstead Valley Road, Coulsdon
  • Harris Academy Purley – Pampisford Road, South Croydon
  • Monks Orchard Primary – The Glade, Addiscombe
  • Regina Coeli Primary – Pampisford Road, South Croydon
  • St Thomas Becket Primary – Birchanger Road, Woodside
  • Wolsey Junior – King Henry’s Drive, New Addington

Croydon Council expect the scheme to be self-enforcing and require no further policing costs after the initial £200,000 provided by Transport for London.  Drivers will be made aware through speed signs and zebra-crossings.

Tanya Marshall, School Crossings Patrol Officer, said: “It does need to be a 20mph restrictions, they don’t even stop for me, I have to literally stand out in the road for the cars to stop.”

While welcoming the scheme, Marshall is not sure how effective it will be unless speed cameras are in place, adding that “the best people that stop are the bus drivers and the black taxis.”

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