Vox Pop: ELL talk to residents about the obesity crisis

According to a recent report from the National Obesity Forum, more than 50 per cent of the United Kingdom population is predicted to be obese by the year 2050, something that will cost the government north of £50 billion.

EastLondonLine reporters took to the streets in New Cross, asking locals what they think about the prediction, what they do to stay healthy, and how things can improve around the country.

Mpoyo-Photo Credit Hetty Musfirah

Mpoyo Wameoyo: Photo Credit Hetty Musfirah

Myoyo Wameoyo, 47, self-employed, from New Cross 

“It’s unfortunate, but either the young generation learn from the older generation that we are over eating, and they take stock of themselves, or they just say, well, we can buy what we want and eat what we want.”


Laurence-Photo Credit Hetty Musfirah

Laurence Mace: Photo Credit Hetty Musfirah

Laurence Mace, 24, student, Streatham

“I think the survey is correct, we live, very much in a fast food culture, a lot of these lower income families go to shops selling [pre-prepared foods], where there is just not a lot of nutrition at all, and the food is full of sugar.

It’s obviously eating foods which are high in saturated sugars and a lack of exercise as well, they come hand in hand, it’s not one of the other.

I used to be obese when I was younger, about 18, 19. I needed a life style change, due to lack of productivity with what I was doing. I was eating badly, and drinking a lot, and so I decided to knock it all on the head.”

Lauren-Photo Credit Hetty Musfirah

Lauren McKenzie: Photo Credit Hetty Musfirah

Lauren McKenzie, 29, mother of two and manager, from Hampton Court 

“This statistics are a little bit shocking actually, in some ways I do agree because the culture is changing. A lot of mothers are very lazy nowadays and I assume that frozen foods are what many kids eat nowadays.

I think there is very much a culture of fast food and a lot of lower incomes families go to shops and buy stuff that is easy to eat, but less healthy.”

Sophie Coles-Photo Credit Hetty Musfirah

Sophie Coles: Photo Credit Hetty Musfirah

Sophie Coles, 19, Student, from New Cross

“People eat quite badly and healthier foods are expensive. I know what I am eating and I do pay attention to this. I check calories and saturated fats in the other things that I buy.”

Christian White-Photo Credit Hetty Musfirah

Christian White: Photo Credit Hetty Musfirah

Christian White, 32, Opera Coach, from New Cross 

“It wouldn’t surprise me, I lived abroad for six, seven years in Germany and Austria. Coming back, I really noticed a difference between mainland Europe, and here.

Portion sizes here are huge, whilst everywhere else, seem to have sensible sizes. A lot of people still have this mentality of, needing to finish what is on their plate.”


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