Hanna Höch exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery

Whitechapel Gallery: Photo by LeHaye

Whitechapel Gallery: Photo by LeHaye

Whitechapel Gallery is holding the first UK exhibition of the works of German artist Hannah Höch.

The exhibition, which runs from January 15 to March 23 at the Gallery on Whitechapel Road, spans over six decades of the artist’s career. This includes her contentious period with Berlin’s Dada movement, an early 20th Century avant-garde movement that rejected prevailing standards in the art world.

Höch was a pioneer of collage and photomontage in the 20th century, using images from fashion magazines, illustrated journals and mass media to create humorous and often biting pieces of societal commentary. Her works challenged traditional perceptions of identity, beauty, gender and race.

She was born on November 1, 1889, in Gotha, Germany. She remained in Germany during the Second World War and during this period experienced great personal and professional difficulty.

As someone who used art as a medium for social and political introspection, the reign of the Nazi Party in her country had a significant impact on her and her work. She died in Berlin in 1978.

Höch’s work has been exhibited internationally to great acclaim and she is recognised a key, yet often overlooked, figure in art history.

The Hannah Höch exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery is curated by Daniel F. Herrmann and art historian, Prof. Dawn Ades CBE, along with Assistant Curator, Emily Butler.

For further information, including opening times and prices, visit the gallery’s homepage.



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