Croydon residents respond to six stabbings in 10 days

The arrival of three paramedics in Croydon after a stabbing. Pic: Bahi P

The arrival of three paramedics in Croydon after a stabbing. Pic: Bahi P

Residents from Croydon are concerned after six people were stabbed in 10 days recently, and are calling for more measures to combat knife crime within the borough.

The latest stabbing incident took place on January 25, when a 21-year-old man was attacked in Thornton Heath.

The youngest victim was a 12-year-old boy who was stabbed outside Tesco Express in Whitehorse Lane, Selhurst on January 20.

Some residents said they were unnerved by the series of stabbings.

Stephane Bayou, an interior designer, said she was worried for children in Croydon: “We don’t know who is doing this, we want to make sure that the police do what they have to do to capture those people who are hurting other families.”

Lisa Curphey, a Civil Servant, said the stabbings could be linked to different areas in the borough: “Maybe West Croydon has a bit of a reputation and I’d be a bit worried walking around there on my own in the dark.”

Other people from Croydon felt that the stabbings were not unusual.

Michael Payne, a student and part-time sales assistant, said: “It’s just the way society is today, as there seems to be a lot of anger.”

Payne added: “It seems that it’s become quite common that things like this happen, maybe not as much in a short period of time but you do hear of it quite often.”

Andy Pittford, a business development manager, feels that while “more needs to be done” to combat crime, “Croydon has got bad press. I’ve lived here all my life and I don’t feel any less safe than I have done before.”

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