Police discover cannabis factory in Crystal Palace

Cannabis factory Crystal Palace pic: Met Police

Cannabis factory Crystal Palace pic: Met Police

The Metropolitan Police discovered a giant cannabis factory hidden in a detached house on Crystal Palace Park Road Monday.

Over 500 plants were found in four rooms fully kitted with lamps, heaters and ventilators.

Sergeant Rob Goodwin said this seizure is “a major and unexpected dent in the network of cannabis supply in South East London.”

A pungent smell of cannabis surprised officers from Bromley’s North West Neighbouring Policing Team when they were routinely patrolling the area late yesterday evening.

As they traced the smell back to the house, the officers spotted a man throwing away large bags into a bin on the road.

The man was trying to crop and remove the plants from the house when the police hit upon him. He ran away as soon as he saw the officers, and hid in Crystal Palace Park.

The suspect has yet to be traced by the police as enquiries are ongoing.

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