Preservationists campaign to save Vallance Rd building

Area that conservationists are trying to save Credit: Google Maps

Area that conservationists are trying to save Credit: Google Maps

Conservationists are putting pressure on Tower Hamlets Council to halt plans to demolish a large terraced building on Vallance Road in Whitechapel.

Shortly before the period of the council’s consultation for the plans ends today, The East End Preservation Society submitted a letter to the council to register its “strong objection.”

The Society is disputing assertions that the buildings are structurally unsound and that they do not make a positive contribution to the Whitechapel Market Conservation Area. The Whitechapel Conservation Areas are parts of local environment with special historic or architectural significance created by the Council to preserve the specific character of the area.

The group argues that the five house terrace is still partly occupied and could be repaired, despite its dilapidated state.

They also claimed that the buildings also have historical links to the Pavilion Theatre – one of London’s largest theatres in 1858. The Society said: “The connection to the theatre complex makes the remaining buildings of much wider interest and significance to East London and the Capital as a whole.”

William Palin, a spokesperson for the Society said: “Simply to demolish the buildings and leave an empty site is clearly unacceptable, because of its historical importance and its potential conservation-led regeneration.”

The Society has been pushing for more people to register their objections through its Facebook page and blog.

Mr Palin indicated that the response has been overwhelming. Facebook user, Marie Lenaerts, commented “Why can’t they leave these beautiful old buildings alone? Repair and restore but leave authentic.”

Another user Dave Whittaker said “Objection made. Many thanks for highlighting this. It must be saved for the future.”

A final decision will be made at a council meeting on 14 February.

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