Cyclists put safety proposals to election candidates

Lewisham cyclists discuss proposals Pic: Radu Istrate

Lewisham cyclists discuss proposals Pic: Radu Istrate

Cyclists from Lewisham gathered yesterday to discuss proposals to pitch to candidates in the upcoming local elections.

Lewisham Cyclists, as part of the Space for Cycling campaign, invited residents from all over the borough to meet at the borough town hall to discuss changes. The proposals aim to transform Lewisham into a safer place for cyclists and make streets a more pleasant place for residents.

The discussions included lowering the borough speed restriction to 20 miles per hour, safer routes to schools for children, protected space for cyclists on the main roads and traffic reduction.

Jane Davis, 55, coordinator of Lewisham Cyclists, said: “Lewisham is a big place, so we didn’t feel qualified to do this on our own. We need everybody’s perspectives, because the elections will be a crucial time for us to pitch our proposals.”

She added: “There are many solutions we came up with here and they will be communicated to those who can drive change.”

Matt Hawkins, 24, a candidate for Lewisham Green Party, said: “A lot of people are put off by not having enough space and as a cyclist, I do feel cramped in sometimes. The Netherlands has segregated lanes for cyclists and I do feel that London would benefit from a new network of roads made for cyclists.”

Between 2008 and 2012, the numbers of causalities on Lewisham’s roads rose to 998, a 13.4 per cent, according to TfL Road Safety statistics.

Cycling safety became a highly topical issue in the ELL boroughs after a series of fatalities across London saw five cyclists killed in just nine days in November last year.

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