GMB union demands pay rise at Lewisham Town Hall

GMB Protest in Lewisham. Pic: Julie Hebenstreit

GMB Protest in Lewisham. Pic: Julie Hebenstreit

Members of GMB, one of the UK’s largest trade unions, participated in protests across the country yesterday, in a bid to boost wages in local government.

Demonstrators called for a £1.00 per hour pay increase for local government workers.

One of the protests was held outside Lewisham Town Hall. Nadine Houghton, GMB Regional Organiser, said: “We believe the £1.00 an hour pay increase will be good for the economy, the local economy.”

“We made our claim and the employer has to consider that, and then there are negotiations between trade unions and the employer.”

Protestors claimed that over the last five years, council workers have seen their pay fall by around 20 per cent in real terms. The lowest paid workers would experience a pay increase boost up to £7.65, going up to £8.80 in London.

For many workers this would bring relief after the recent period of austerity.

Andy Prendergast, Lead Officer for Public Services, said: ‘The claim for £1.00 per hour represents our members’ desire to get a pay rise that would start to bring their earnings back to 2008 levels.”

The demonstrations were held in advance of a national employers’ meeting on February 13.

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