Hawker House saved after threat of closure

Hawker House. Pic: Bex Walton

Hawker House. Pic: Bex Walton

An indoor night market held at a vacant warehouse on Pritchards Road has been given the green light to continue its activities, despite initial concerns raised over a breach of planning permission and anti-social behaviour.

Tower Hamlets Council said it has agreed with the organisers of Hawker House that they can “continue in their current location until their scheduled run finishes at the end of March”.

The future of the indoor night market was in the balance, after there was talk that the Council was preparing to issue a notice to halt activities at the venue.

The Council has said that the operators had decided to use the venue without obtaining the necessary planning permissions.

Those from neighbouring properties also experienced increased levels of noise from the venue as well as disturbance from customers and urinals at the front of the building.

However, the Council said organisers have since agreed to introduce a series of measures aimed at reducing noise and disturbance to neighbouring properties.

The Council said: “We will be monitoring them to ensure they adhere to these conditions.”

It added “… while we welcome well-run events in the borough, it is important that planning permission is obtained beforehand to ensure that amenity and other impacts are properly considered and addressed in advance to avoid the Council having to take formal action after the event begins.”

Hawker House is currently on its second run till March 22, after a successful six-week run in November and December of last year.

Jonathan Downey, a business partner of Hawker House said: “Hawker House has been a huge success and we are really pleased to be able to complete the second run. It’s a great place for residents to enjoy.”

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