New footbridge to provide safer link between stations

Hackney Overground. Pic: Matthew Black.

Hackney Overground. Pic: Matthew Black.

A new footbridge between Hackney Downs and Hackney Central will open next year.

Hackney Council’s planning committee approved the application for the elevated footbridge, after Travel for London (TfL) deemed the 600m walk along Amhurst Road, between the two stations, as “inconvenient and unsecure”.

The footbridge, set to be open in March 2015, will reduce the distance between the stations by 400 metres and promises shorter and safer journeys.

TFL also estimate the footbridge will double the amount of passengers, currently 700,000, that use the stations.

Vincent Stops, Hackney Central Councillor, said that the new proposal renews “an historic connection between Hackney Central and Hackney Downs stations that was lost in 1944”.

Mike Stubbs, TfL director for London Overground, said that the footbridge is “part of TfL’s wider objective to make all of its rail stations more accessible, more secure and easier to use.”

Stubbs added: “The Hackney Interchange will reduce journey times and reduce congestion at Liverpool Street station, which is currently where many passengers travel before changing to other services.”

Hackney Council has received five letters of objection from residents concerned by the noise that will be caused by the construction. The decrease in size of the children’s playground in Marcon Place would also be closed during the construction period, and there would be reduced number of car parking spaces around Hackney Central station.

Councillor Stops said that the footbridge project would benefit the Marcon Estate with new play facilities for children and a “green wall and tree cover” that will reduce noise from passing trains and “improves the outlook for residents.”

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