Pop-up restaurant brings the seaside to Hackney rooftop

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Platterform founders – Julian, Andre and Kevin. Pic: Platterform

Creative events collective Platterform have taken up residency at The Hothouse’s rooftop venue in London Fields with a new maritime-themed pop-up seafood restaurant and bar.

Following up from their successful first run with the lumberjack-themed ‘Skylodge’ food and drink series at the same Martello street location, Platterform’s ‘Sea Adventure Series’ will be welcoming a succession of culinary artists who will produce a variety of seafood creations.

The first guest is Shoreditch-based chef Dave Yorkston, who started a three-week residency on February 13. Yorkston brings in a four-course menu boasting a selection of artisanal smoked fish, which he smokes onsite.

“Dave actually smokes his fish and sells it right back to the fishmonger, it’s that good,” says Platterform founder Julian Bayuni.

Julian and his co-founders, his brother Andre and friend Kevin Darcy, came up with their latest idea when London’s December storms hit the tarps that make up the bar’s enclosure.

“We realised that when the wind is going, our roof starts flapping and waving as if we were at sea. Especially after you’ve had a few drinks and start swaying,” Julian laughs.

“Also we figured that after a month of dishing out pulled pork and brisket [for the Skylodge] we wanted to do something that was a bit lighter. Seafood is very dynamic and thematically for the drinks it works as well.”

The idea of sitting on a rooftop in winter might puzzle the average customer, but the group believes it adds to the atmosphere.

“It feels like it’s outside, but at the same time we’ve kept it warm with heaters,” says Kevin. “It helps people feel that they aren’t just in your average bar or restaurant.”

“We want to transport people to another place they wouldn’t otherwise see in London,” adds Julian.

The run is currently enjoying a “soft launch”, refining their themes and decor before welcoming their first guest. Dates of the run will also include film showings and live music, including sea shanties.

Meal tickets can be purchased for £30 on Billetto for Thursdays till Sundays until April 19.

 By Valerie Seibert

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