ELL boroughs to become safer for cyclists in £4 billion pound revamp of London roads



The plans aim to reduce traffic congestion pic: Metro Centric

A four billion pound revamp of London’s roads, many of which belong to the East London Lines boroughs, was announced by the London Mayors office yesterday.

The roads affected by the plans include Stoke Newington Gyratory, Lombard Junction, Purley Cross Gyratory, Thornton Heath Ponds and Croydon Fiveways.

The programme, which has been organised in response to the Mayor’s Task Force report, aims to reduce traffic congestion and implement what Mayor Boris Johnson called a “smarter design of roads” in 17 different locations across the capital.

Plans include the introduction of more bus services, as well as cycling and walking routes to promote safer crossing for pedestrians and cyclists.

The Mayor said that he hopes the revamp: “Will play a key role in ensuring that London remains the best big city to live, work and invest.”

The programme follows an announcement last month that £300 million will be spent on improvements to 33 junctions across the capital where more than 250 cyclists and pedestrians have been killed in the last three years.

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