Boris Johnson “guarantees” Croydon new tram extensions

Tram Croydon

The tramlines could extend to Sutton, Crystal Palace or Bromley. Pic: Rachel H

The tram extension from Croydon to Crystal Palace will be completed by 2020, London Mayor Boris Johnson announced this week.

Plans for the extension were proposed by Johnson, at a local meeting held in Selsdon on Tuesday 11 and approved by Transport for London commissioner Peter Hendy on Sunday 16.

In an open letter to the mayor, Richard Plant, Chairman of the Develop Croydon Forum, had written that he believed the tramlink system had improved connectivity and accessibility in south London.

Plant said: “In recognition of the essential role the tram network now plays in the economies of the town centre and the wider sub-region we urge you to fund the Crystal Palace tramlink.”

Crystal Palace, Sutton and Bromley are three of the potential locations for network extension.

Johnson said that though the construction will be “a very slow-moving process”, completion should occur within the next six years.

“It may not be by 2015 but it’s going to be by the end of the decade. I can absolutely confirm that.”

He added: “I am keen to see the extensions to the Tramlink network go ahead but, as you will appreciate, funding is the main obstacle to delivery given the many competing demands for funding which TfL is faced with.”

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