Arts collective Turf Projects shoot “Time Team” film

The team filming on set. Pic: Turf Projects

The team filming on set. Pic: Turf Projects

Croydon art collective, Turf Projects are filming a fictional ‘Time Team’ documentary today ahead of the the launch of their Kickstarter project ‘No Turf Unturned’.

The group of artists, filmmakers, architects and designers are creating the promotional film to help them raise £5,000 in order to curate a programme of free exhibitions in May this year. The crowdfunding appeal is due to run for 31 days.

Alice Cretney, the founder and co-director of Turf Projects said: “The film will explore the Turf Time Team’s efforts to curate these exhibitions and events will help to encourage creativity and bring something culturally new to Croydon. We are really interested in portraying the future archaeologists of Turf Projects.”

The Turf Team have put together a cast of 20 people from Croydon and from around London who will play archaeologists and archaeological experts in the film.

A launch party is set to take place on Sunday April 6 at Matthews Yard from 4pm. More info here.



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