Eccentric wedding fair to march into Hackney this April

Alternative wedding atire on show at Hackney fair. Pic: Most Curious

Alternative wedding attire on show at Hackney fair. Pic: Most Curious

An event for the most fashion savvy and unconventional brides and grooms is coming to Hackney next week. A Most Curious Wedding Fair, a bridal show featuring all sorts of vintage and quirky dresses and props, is heading to Hackney Down Studios this spring with exhibitors from the UK, Europe and Asia.

Rebecca Hoh-Hale, founder of A Most Curious Party events, said of the fair: “Hackney is the spiritual home of A Most Curious, and our promotional photo shoot was based on the East London ‘look’ that we think encapsulates the intelligent, creative, independent, hip style that intelligent, creative, hip women identify with. Aesthetically it’s a mix of 90s grunge, 70s Fleetwood Mac references, long California sun highlighted hair, willowy long legs and leather jackets.”

According to Hoh-Hale, the day of one’s marriage becomes an occasion to express, celebrate and amalgamate: “All the things that people love in their lives together”. It is all about lifestyle trends, covering a diverse range of designs while inviting people to chat with each designer and find a match to their own personal style.

Sara Smyth, organiser and director of the show, said: “We searched for weeks and weeks for the ideal venue. We were beyond delighted when we stumbled across Hackney Downs Studios. It ticks all the boxes and the best thing is that it houses a community of creative business in their studios and several of our exhibitors are based there already.”

Hoh-Hale started the project in 2006, two years before her very own big day: “I got married in 2008 when vintage was still very much an up and coming idea, so I collected all my antique china and cool old props over two years at car boot fairs and auctions. People looked at you weirdly when you wanted to serve the wedding meal on chintzy crockery, so everything we wanted we had to source ourselves.”

The founder eventually started hiring her personal vintage possessions out to brides, before starting to help people style their own weddings in a unique way. A Most Curious Wedding Fair is now in its eighth year. Hackney will witness its eccentricity on April 4 between 6pm and 9pm, and April 5, from 10.30am until 5pm. Tickets are £6 on the door, or £5 in advance. (Call 07832 105854).

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