Hackney students produce royal palace documentary

A group of Hackney students have attracted Royal attention for producing a film that goes behind the scenes of Buckingham Palace, to boost interest in people from all walks of life to work for the Royal family.

The 10-minute documentary includes interviews with majority of the departments that run the Palace, ranging from the Royal Sadlers to the web designers and cleaners as well as the Duke of York.

The documentary has given insight into the machine behind the most famous Royal home in the world.

The short film has been titled, “Behind the Palace Gates”, and was presented by Prince Andrew on March 5 2014, the Hackney University Technical College patron, who also appears in the documentary.

The film’s director, Lauren Hodge, 15, from Southwark, said: “We have had an inspiring journey on this film.”

Expressing her excitement at the opportunity she said: “We are so grateful to be involved in such a big project” which was filmed back in February.

The Duke of York congratulated the Hackney students: “I am really quite pleased that not only were you able to deliver this film but also… to encourage young people to come and work in the palace.”

In November 2013 HRH, The Duke of York, asked Hackney UTC students to produce a film designed to inspire people from all backgrounds to contemplate a career in the Royal Household.

A statement released by the college said: “All the hard work and long hours, including many days stuck in the editing suite over half term has been worth it – as we hope you will see for yourselves when you watch the film.”

Hackney University Technical College is a small school for students aged 14 to 19, specialising in teaching health and digital technologies.

Watch the video here.



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