SE8 Residents petition to join Greenwich borough


The campaigners believe they should be classed as Greenwich residents Pic: Maggie Jones

Around 100 people in Deptford have signed a petition urging Royal Mail to rectify their postcode boundary, reclassifying them as residents of affluent Greenwich.

Campaigners in Deptford are desperate to be classed as Greenwich residents, complaining that the SE8 postcode, of the less desirable Deptford, is raising insurance and keeping down house prices.

Deptford is currently split between the boroughs of Lewisham and Greenwich, with half of Deptford’s SE8 boundary being located in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. As these residents pay council tax to Greenwich, they believe they are entitled to a Greenwich postcode.

Founder of the campaign Dan Price claims that the confusing SE8/SE10 border also affects residents’ postal distribution claiming: “Citizens in this area are consistently affected by late or missing deliveries”.

The campaign is pressing Royal Mail to “redefine their postcode boundary to step in line with the council boundaries”. Price explains that the campaign believes: “We all pay council tax to Greenwich, yet we are treated by the world as Deptford because of the power of the postcode.”

Supporter Lydia Weller said: “The postcode is misrepresenting the area. I am in Greenwich but with essentially a Deptford postcode.”

However, not all Deptford residents are in support of the petition. Local blogger Darryl Chamberlain said: “There’s much to be proud of in Deptford these days”, claiming that petitioners problem with their postcode is the fault of estate agents who have wrongly “sold properties in SE8 as being in Greenwich for years”.

Unfortunately for the supporting residents of Deptford, it looks like Royal Mail will be reluctant to change the SE8 boundary unless the majority of residents are on board.

A spokesman for Royal Mail said: “Royal Mail does not normally change postcodes unless there is a pressing operational reason to do so”. According to the company’s Code of Practice, postcodes will only be altered under ‘exceptional circumstances’.

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