The Voice: Hackney hopeful launches film competition

The Voice  pic: BBC

The Voice pic: BBC

Jermain Jackman, a Hackney based contestant on the BBC show The Voice, launched an anti-smoking film competition for students in the borough yesterday.

The competition is part of a campaign set up in memory of former Vogue health editor Deborah Hutton, who died recently at the age of 49 from lung cancer.  She had been a regular smoker from a young age.

Students in Hackney were asked to submit two-minute movies that would encourage their friends not to start smoking.

The idea of this competition was to educate youngsters of the dangers of smoking in a creative rather than forceful way and was put together by peer-to-peer youth smoking prevention charity, The Deborah Hutton Campaign.

Despite having just won the battle round against Sarah-Eden Winn on BBC show The Voice, Hackney’s aspiring politician Jackman still found the time to be involved in local issues that are important to him.

At the Hollywood themed reception, he spoke about how he has always wanted to be a singer and a politician.  At the beginning of the year, The Voice judge Tom Jones nicknamed Jackman the “singing politician”.

Jackman encouraged the pupils to follow their dreams and to focus on being good at one thing, rather than trying to do it all, what he called trying to be the “Jack of all Trades”.

Jackman has campaigned on issues including crime and poverty within the borough, receiving an award in the past for his campaigning for homeless people.

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