How the welfare reforms affect you: Croydon

Croydon. Pic Source: Maya Oppenheim

Croydon. Pic Source: Maya Oppenheim

With over 50, 000 welfare claimants Croydon has the biggest claimant populations in all four ELL boroughs. It is in the top 7 per cent in the whole country, when it comes to average losses per claimant household. The average loss per Local Housing allowance will be hefty at £1,500 and its population of nearly 8,000 disability claimants will on average see a loss of just over £700 due to the Disabled Living Allowance replacement.

Population: 363,400

Children: 84,027

Ethnic makeup:  55% white, 20% Black, 2% Other, 16.4% Asian, 7% mixed

Average wage: £559 a week

Child Poverty: 45% of children in low income families

Unemployed benefit claimants: 4%

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How Croydon’s welfare losses compare to the rest of England (out of 325 English local authorities)

….22nd when it comes to average loss per claimant household

….24th when it comes to average loss to “bedroom taxed” households

….31st when it comes to average loss to local housing allowance households

…and how much is the the average household set to gain from the Universal credit scheme

£ 192

Go here and click on impact modelling tool for a full rundown of how Welfare Reforms will affect Croydon

(Source: Local Government Association and Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion:

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