Police uncover Anglo Saxons bones under Purley driveway

House repossession up in Croydon and Lewisham. Photo: Marianne Brown

Bones from the period when the Anglo Saxons ruled Britain have been discovered under the driveway of a family home in Purley.

The Metropolitan Police announced on Saturday that builders had uncovered the human bones while carrying out work on the property.

It is believed that the remains could date as far back as 670AD and could have belonged to someone buried in an Anglo Saxon burial site.

Officers were called to the family home on the 14th April after builders doing work on the residential home had unearthed human bones under the driveway.  The family who own the house and its driveway were completely unaware of their existence.

Police called to the scene passed the bones onto expert anthropologists to analyse.

The forensic report is to now be passed on to English Heritage.  They expressed further interest into this case, as it is known that a Saxon burial site is within close proximity.

Alison Carpenter who had previously told BBC News: “We have to now wait until the results come through before we can continue to work on the driveway.” Can now have the builders finish the work they started 12 days ago.

The scene has now been closed and no further police investigation is required.  Upon calling the metropolitan police, they told East London Lines that there was “no new information.”

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