Tube Strike Update: Your Morning of Struggle?

Liverpool Street

A very busy rush hour at Liverpool Street Station today. Photo: Matt Bentman ELL

UPDATE: 14:10 Tuesday 29th April

Tube workers are continuing their strike over the threat of job losses due to proposed ticket office closures.

Yesterday’s talks between the RMT and the London Underground broke down and the 48-hour industrial action began last night.

Our reporters have been out in London this morning and tell us that strikes by RMT have caused the underground to grind to a halt this morning.

This was the scene at Liverpool Street Station at the height of the Rush Hour.

The lines affected stretch across all of London causing delays to commuters and spreading the disruption onto the roads and buses as well.

James Sullivan went to Bethnal Green Station to hear your views about the strike action today.

We also sent our reporter Matt Bentman to Liverpool Street Station to investigate the congestion there.

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