Who Wants My Vote? Mayoral Candidates for Hackney 2014

Hackney Town Hall

Who wants your vote for Hackney?

The Mayoral elections are fast approaching on 22nd May.

Given the amount of power that the Mayor will have in Hackney, here at East London Lines we think that it’s important that you know who you’re voting for.

Below are all the candidates running for Mayor of Hackney.

They want your vote and as soon as they tell us why, we’ll tell you.


Jules Pipe – Labour Party

Jules Pipe Hackney Mayor - Labour

Jules Pipe Hackney Mayor – Labour Pic: Sheila Smith


East London Lines reporter Sheila Smith spoke with current the current Mayor, Jules Pipe, and his plans should Hackney Labour  be re-elected:


Mischa Borris Green Party candidate for Hackney. Pic: Sheila Smith

Mischa Borris – Green Party


Mischa is a life long resident of Stoke Newington and was councillor for the Clissford Ward in 2006.  This is her 2nd run for Hackney Mayor.

The Green Party are also concerned about the lack of social housing in the borough and feel ordinary people are being pushed out of the housing market.

Hackney Greens would introduce a scheme to force all private landlords and their properties to be licensed with the council.

Mischa supports Green Party policy proposed to council house “Right To Buy” scheme as she feels it depletes the number of council houses for other people.

As a campaigner against the building of another Sainbury’s store proposed in Wilmer Place Mischa supports the living wage and the Hackney Pound.

Residential roads would see a speed limit of 20 mph under Green Party proposals.

We spoke to Mischa Borris about these issues:


Simon De Deney Pic: Sheila Smith

Simon De Deney Lib Dem Hackney Mayoral Candidate Pic: Sheila Smith

Simon de Deney – Liberal Democrats


Hackney Liberal Democrats Mayoral Candidate  Simon De Deney is also standing for councillor in Clissold ward.

Simon as Mayor would support community led planning with locals working with developers to deliver more affordable housing in the area.

Criticized by Mayor Pipe for setting a target of building 12,000 new socially rented homes over the next 25 years.

Simon believes this is all do-able with this number of houses being build in the borough in a shorter period of time.

Hackney Liberal Democrats would also introduce learning hubs in schools providing a wider range of education.

He is a supporter of the living wage and the Hackney Pound to help encourage local enterprise.

We spoke to Simon de Deney about these issues:


Linda Kelly. Conservative Party.

Linda Kelly. Conservative Party candidate for Hackney. Photo: Hackney Council

Linda Kelly – Conservative Party



Mustafa Korel – Putting Hackney First


Mustafa Korel  - Independent Candidate for Hackney Mayor

Mustafa Korel – Independent Candidate for Hackney Mayor Pic:Sheila Smith

Mustafa Korel is the independent candidate for Mayor.

He spoke with East London Lines reporter Sheila Smith about his ‘five mayoral priorities’:

East London Lines has contacted each candidate running for Mayor and asked them why they want your vote.

We will be updating this page as soon as we receive statements from the various candidates.

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