Art in Mind: Brick Lane Gallery showcases new international exhibition

3art in mind3

Rita Mancesti, a series of city landscapes. Photo: Camilla Fleury

Brick Lane Gallery has united a multi-cultural group of artists for its two new exhibitions, Art in Mind

The exhibition that opened yesterday features artists from Australia, Greece, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.

The artists were invited to represent current themes in art today.

With works from oil paintings to textiles; Art in Mind does not just reflect the differences in artistic backgrounds but showcases their unique sense of aesthetics.

art in mind2

Art in Mind exhibition, Brick Lane. Photo: Camilla Fleury

One of the highlights is “Silence”, a project by Popi Tsoukatou, from Greece.

Using three bold colours red, black, and white, her pieces represent the struggles that women face to create their identity in our society.

Rita Mancesti, Geneva born landscape artist, takes the visitor on a trip around the world with cityscapes recognizable by sight, while the modern city gets a more intimate approach in Londoner Paul Vyse’s paintings of ordinary urban scenes.

Artwork at the exhibition also experiments with materials and textures.

artist Dimitra Viveli

Dimitra Viveli, artist. Photo: Camilla Fleury

Dimitra Viveli, philosopher turned artist, uses bold colours and acrylics to represent the negotiation of the myth of Andromeda, while the Australian, Rosie Kavanavoch, trades canvas for colourful, patterned textiles.

The exhibition will be available for the public until June 8

The Brick Lane Gallery stays open daily from 10am to 6pm.

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