Canalival 2014 in Hackney -canal to be part closed as police warn against antisocial behaviour

Canalival 2013, London's Regent Canal. Photo: Ian Phillips

Canalival 2013, London’s Regent Canal. Photo: Ian Phillips

The tow path along the Regents Canal in Hackney has been closed after rumours spread on social media that a repeat of last years controversial Canalival event – which left the canal piled high with rubbish by partygoers – was being planned.

There have been rumours on Twitter and social media that Canalival will be happening on the Regents Canal again this Saturday.

According to Time Out’s ‘Now Here This’ blog, a Facebook proposal for Canalival to happen again this weekend had: “attracted a number of potential attendees before it was shut down.”

The Canal River Trust has decided to close the tow path so that it cannot go ahead.

The Trust has been working with  Hackney Council and the  Metropolitan Police to stop the festival. The Met told ELL that they will: “be working closely with the Canal and River Trust to ensure the event does not go ahead.”

A Trust spokeperson told ELL: “We will have a stoppage in place for 24 hours tomorrow from Lock 6,  Sturts Lock to Lock 8, Old Ford Lock [between Upper Street in Islington and the Mile End Rd]. We will have staff in the areas and if your boat is moored in that area, you’re not going to be able to navigate around. There will be a police force present around the area to make sure no-one tries to get on the canal.”

The navigation closure will take place from May 31 8am to June 1 8am.


Many people have taken to Twitter and their own blogs to fight against (or for) a Canalival repeat this weekend. From London Live’s video of Canalival last year, a local employee and cafe manager, Lori de Mori, said this about the festival in 2013 : “ There was a path of destruction in their wake.”

But the Dalstonist ,Mark Wilding saw the event from a different angle, saying: “Isn’t it sad that an event aimed at bringing people together is now being used to drive people apart? Events like Canalival are sadly lacking nowadays. There was no hidden agenda. A good natured event took place with thousands of people in attendance, who showed there was no need for hundreds of stewards or a large police presence.”


Photo Credit: Ed Fox @Sandboy39

Wilding argues that: “The biggest complaints have centred around litter and people urinating in public. These are problems that can be solved…  Never mind the fact that litter has been a problem along the canal since long before Canalival.”

As well as Wilding, there are many Twitter followers that think or hope Canalival is happening.

But it seems more people are fighting against Canalival.

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