Electoral Commission ombudsman to investigate Tower Hamlets after a series of voting allegations

Bromley South Ward Party Candidates, Tower Hamlets. Photo: Maria Levander

Bromley South Ward Party Candidates, Tower Hamlets. Photo: Maria Levander

Tower Hamlets is to be investigated by the Electoral Commission after a series of voting allegations and controversies.

The investigation was announced prior to the final count of the Bromley South ward that voted in Danny Hassell and Helal Uddin for the Labour Party.

An Electoral Commission spokesperson said: “Everyone should be able to vote free from intimidation and be confident that their vote is safe. It is also important that elections produce results voters can have confidence in and that candidates know the outcome as soon as possible. Clearly there have been issues at the Tower Hamlets count and we need to make sure we understand what happened, and the reasons for it, before reaching any conclusions.”

The Electoral Commission sent in independent observers to watch the final count on Tuesday night after a series of allegations regarding intimidation had been made.

Tower Hamlets Labour Party Chair, Chris Weavers, said, “We welcome the fact that the Electoral Commission are looking into the recent elections in Tower Hamlets. There clearly were issues with the conduct of the election and the count.”

Tower Hamlets is waiting to hold an election for Blackwall and Cubitt Town after the death of Tower Hamlets First candidate Hifzur Rahman.

The new election will be within 35 days of the original poll and will elect three councilors.

Acting Superintendent Helen Lewis, said: “Although we have received no allegations of harassment, intimidation or fraudulent behaviour at polling stations in Tower Hamlets we would, of course, be keen to speak with anyone who has concerns.”

Police are asking if anyone saw evidence of voter intimidation to call the police on 101.

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