Green Party wins seat in almost all red Lewisham

John Coughlin. Photo: Lewisham Green Party

John Coughlin. Photo: Lewisham Green Party

The Green Party is celebrating a victory in Lewisham, where the results from the local election saw the party claim a seat on the council.

John Coughlin won one out of 54 seats for the Green party, with the remaining going to Labour.

Though the Green’s won only one seat, support appears to be growing in Lewisham, coming second to Labour in many wards and gaining a large share of the vote.

Coughlin said he was delighted and honoured to be one of Brockley’s three council members and is optimistic about the future for the Green Party, he said:

“Nationally the Green Party won 24 new seats, bringing our total to 162 councillors on 56 councils. We’re proud that Lewisham helped make us part of that”.

Coughlin added: “Housing, equality, safer streets and protecting the environment are the key issues we are facing”.

Steve Bullock received more than 50% of the vote and continues in his position as Mayor of Lewisham.

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