Migrant Care Workers Told They ‘Must Speak English’

Migrant care workers will soon be expected to speak English. Photo: Andy Goddard

Migrant care workers will soon be expected to speak fluent English. Photo: Andy Goddard, East London Lines.

A recently released study from Kings College in London, suggests that migrant care workers who aren’t able to speak an adequate level of English, might not be able to deliver an adequate level of care.

Dr Shereen Hussein of King’s College London’s Social Care Workforce Research Unit and  an advisor to the Department of Health suggests that an inability  to communicate with  care givers can be detrimental to the well-being of patients.

With recent changes to immigration policy and the expansion of EU labour rules to further countries, the UK now has more migrant care workers than ever before.

Katie John asked people in  Lewisham for their opinions on what this could mean for both care workers and people needing care.


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