Operation Condor cracks down on cocaine in Deptford

Cocaine seized from Deptford Restaurant. Photo: Metropolitan Police

Cocaine seized from Deptford Restaurant. Photo: Metropolitan Police

Large quantities of cocaine were found at a Deptford Broadway restaurant last weekend in a major operation labelled Operation Condor.

All of the members of staff were arrested during a search warrant carried out on May 23, but were later released on bail.

Nearly 4,000 police officers were involved in Operation Condor which took place across London over the Bank Holiday weekend.

The aim was to target crimes related to licensing over a 48 hour period.

Acting commander, Carl Bussey, leading the operation said:”Operation Condor targets those who flout licensing laws, for example, by selling knives, alcohol and harmful substances to underage youngsters; dealing drugs in pubs and clubs and illegal taxi touts.”

Police found crack cocaine in several areas of the restaurant, and all seven members of staff were arrested for possession and intention to supply, as well as immigration offences.

One member of staff was also arrested for possession of stolen goods, as police found several credit cards that belonged to other people.

Lewisham and Croydon saw 32 arrests while there were more than 500 made in London for offences related to drug dealing, possession of stolen goods, immigration offences, burglary, and theft.

The Deptford restaurant will have its licence reviewed.

Police refused to disclose the name of the restaurant while it remains under investigation.

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