Slow Progress – Stokey vs Sainsbury’s review postponed

Sainsbury's Wilmer Place Judicial Review Pic: Stokey Local

Putting the boot in to Sainsbury’s Pic: Stokey Local


The long-running battle over the proposed opening of a new supermarket in Stoke Newington – which has been covered extensively on East London Lines – is no closer to being resolved.

Community response group ‘Stokey Local’s’ bid to take Sainsbury’s to the High Court has been delayed in order to allow more time for a number of procedural issues to be resolved.

The judge, Mr Justice Ouseley, decided not to hear either of the judicial reviews due on May 19 – instead opting for clarification over whether or not a second judicial review is warranted.

‘Stokey Local’ is opposed to Sainsbury’s plan to open a new supermarket store on Wilmer Place because of what they claim will be an adverse impact on the environment and local business.

East London Lines will continue to update this story as it unfolds and for further information on the Sainsbury’s Saga please follow these East London Lines links:


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