Techie Heaven: Shoreditch dubbed tech hub of London


Mark Warwick of Bold Rocket (photo: Matt Bentman)

Lift Off! Mark Warwick of Bold Rocket (photo: Matt Bentman)


There is  Silicon Valley in California, a Silicon Fen in Cambridge, and now London is being dubbed Silicon Capital.

Ninety tech companies have set up shop here in the last year.

They join SpotifyZooplaMoonpig and King; the makers of Candy Crush Saga and perhaps most notably Google who have established their new European headquarters in Kings Cross.

The Government has also spent millions rebranding key areas of London.

Shoreditch is now known as ‘Tech City’ and is the the location of Bold Rocket; who specialise in technology integration.

East London Lines reporter Matt Bentman stopped by at Bold Rocket to get their comments on what makes the area such an attractive proposition:

Government support has helped fuel events with incentives like the recent Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme; which encourages investment in small companies. The scheme may partner well with the fast moving, constantly developing technology industry, giving entrepreneurs a healthy start to building a business.

Today it is easier than ever to build a business and statistics from StartUp Britain, a national campaign body for small businesses, show that British entrepreneurs created a record half a million new companies last year.

Another significant step in the identity of the Capital developing it into a tech hub and brand has been the introduction of the new dot-London web address, which became available from the start of May.

West Ham Football Club, Fortnum and Mason and the Metro Bank are just a few of the hundred-thousand companies who have rapidly signed up for the domain suffix.

It is another step in generating an on-line counterpart in a capital already famous for its financial and fashion sectors which is now readily embracing technology.

Armed with talent, expertise and strong financial backing what once was London is now intending to be very much

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