The ‘Legend of Bethnal Green’ Tube Station – come back!

The tube announcer has become the subject of an online petition to bring him back.

The tube announcer at Bethnal Green has become known as ‘the legend’ for his cheerful and enthusiastic delivery. pic: James Sullivan


An online petition has been launched to bring back a Bethnal Green tube-announcer, dubbed ‘the legend’.

The mystery man has become notorious for his enthusiastic announcements, and a Facebook page devoted to him has reached over 4000 likes.

So where’s he gone? Commuters soon noticed his conspicuous absence, and worry began to spread that he may no longer be working for TFL.

Mia Silverman, who set up the online campaign spoke to us and explained why she did so.



Bethnal Green station was closed for 48 hours during the recent tube strikes, as workers protested about the planned ticket office closures.

Many people travelling around London worry that a fully automated system would rob the city of its human touch.


Bethnal Green station was opened in 1946, having previously been used as an air raid shelter

Thousands pass through Bethnal Green station every day to and from the Central Line. pic: James Sullivan


One passenger even went to the trouble of recording ‘the legend’ in the middle of his work. The clip was quickly shared around as evidence of his jovial and upbeat style.



Wherever he is in the world, the ‘legend of Bethnal Green’ lives on through the petition celebrating the enthusiasm he brought to the role.

There’s no doubt that for many, these daily human encounters are just as much a part of the daily commute as the journey itself.


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