Election Results in Hackney: How it Happened

Box Tickers

Box Tickers Photo: Matt Bentman

As expected, Labour rules Hackney again. Not only did Jules Pipe get re-elected as Mayor, but the vast majority of the seats went red, just like four years ago.

You can read more about Mayor Pipe’s win here, which includes an interview with us here at East London Lines.

Out of a total of 174,568 voters, 69,146 turned out to vote in Hackney Mayoral election with a turnout rate of 39.61%.

However, this is a significant drop from four years ago. Hackney had a 58% turnout rate in 2010.

A dramatic drop in voter turnout in Hackney. Graph: Andrew Goddard

A dramatic drop in voter turnout in Hackney. Graph: Andrew Goddard

In total Labour won 50 seats in the borough, the Conservatives 4, and the Liberal Democrats 3. Labour gained a seat while the Conservatives lost one. There was no change with the Liberal Democrats.

Springfield was the only ward to unanimously vote Conservative, and one seat in Stamford Hill West went to the party. All the elected Liberal Democrat seats went to Cazenove.

A full list of the results is below in our live blog, including video and photographs. We also have a storify for our twitter coverage here.

The near empty ballot hall at the Britannia Leisure Center. Photo: Weidong Lin

The near empty ballot hall at the Britannia Leisure Center. Photo: Weidong Lin

21:37 And that’s it! The Hackney local election is over.

21:34 And Stokey goes red with three seats for Labour!

21:29 Stoke Newington is last up! Come on Stokey!

21:27 Clissold – Labour again!

21:24 Only the hardcore remain. Yes, we’re hardcore.

21:23 Labour in London Fields with Antoinette Bramble, M Can Ozsen, and Emma Plouviez.

21:13 Homerton goes Labour with Robert Chapman, Guy Nicholson, and Sally Mulready.

20:53 Hoxten West and Hackney Downs both remain in the hands of Labour.

20:41 Things are starting to wrap up in Hackney. Coats are on and the cleaners are waiting…

20:39 It’s Labour again with a King’s Park win. Sharon Patrick, Tom Rahilly & Rebecca Rennison celebrate.

East London Lines talks with newly re-elected Mayor Jules Pipe.

20:30 Labour is victorious in Horton East and Shoreditch. Winners are Kam Adams, Feryal Demirci, and Tom Ebbutt.

20:23 Haggerston is Labour all over – Barry Buitekant, Jonathan McShane, Ann Munn with almost identical scores.

20:16 Labour continues to rule Hackney with Soraya Adejare and Peter Snell taking Dalston.

20:14 Here’s a little bit of drama for you! A stack of ballot boxes has just crashed to the ground! No injuries, don’t worry.

20:12 The silence is broken! Hackney Wick goes Labour with Nick Sharman, Chris Kennedy, and Jess Webb.

19:55 It’s gone dead quiet in Hackney. A bit of a lull in the results.

The happy victors. Jon Burke and Caroline Selman win Woodberry Down. Photo: Weidong Lin

The happy victors. Jon Burke and Caroline Selman win Woodberry Down for Labour. Photo: Weidong Lin

19:29 Woodberry Down goes Labour with Jon Burke and Caroline Selman.

19:18 De Beauvour ward now – Labour wins a couple of seats for Laura Bunt and James Peters.

19:15 Lea Bridge – all Labour! Margaret Gordon, Ian Rathbone, Deniz Oguzkanli

19:14 Springfield – all Conservative: Simche Steinberger, Michael Levy, Harvey Odze.

East London Lines was there when Jules Pipe was announced as Mayor.

18:54 Ranking of Mayoral votes. 1 Labour – Jules Pipe, 2 Green – Mischa Borris, 3 Conservative – Linda Kelly, 4 Liberal Democrats – Simon De Deney, 5 Independent – Mustafa Korel.

18:51 Shacklewell is next and goes to Labour’s Michelle Gregory and Richard Lufkin.

18:45 More results in! Stamford Hill West’s seats go to Labour’s Rosemary Sales and Conservative Benzion Papier.

Mayor Jules Pipe with returning officer. Photo: Weidong Lin

Mayor Jules Pipe with returning officer. Photo: Weidong Lin

18:40 Jules Pipe, Labour, takes 40,850 of the available votes and the Green Party second with 11,849.

18:38 And Hackney has a mayor! The SAME mayor. Jules Pipe, Labour, will serve a fourth term.

18:35 Mayoral candidates have been called down to the front!

18:33 Two seats in Brownswood go to Labour… Clare Potter and Brian Bell

Winning Councillor gleefully signs the deed. Photo: Weidong Lin

Abraham Jacobson gleefully signs the deed. Photo: Weidong Lin

18:18 And the results are in! Cazenove first – victory for the Liberal Democrats with Abraham Jacobson, Dawood Ebrahim Akhoon, and Ian Sharer.

18:08 Shakers and movers! Everyone is moving down to the front. An announcement is coming!

17:55 There is a really wide spread of ages here. From ‘nippers in prams’ to ‘great grand mams.’ Everyone is getting along and is excited for the election. Great community atmosphere.

17:35 One must finish their tea before entering the voting arena. Important to note. Guzzling down boiling beverages. For security reasons.

17:33 Quick fire turnouts: Victoria = 37.38% , Hoxton West = 33.56%,  Hoxton East & Shoreditch = 31.15%,  Hackney Downs = 39.84%, Haggerston = 34.91%, and Hackney Wick = 32.58%.

17:25 It’s the calm before the storm… the counting tables are thinning out and the final few votes are being totted up for the Mayoral election. Soon now, very soon!

17:02 Unacceptable ballots are being dealt with. There’s a rather shocking amount of them.

16:59 Sorry for the lack of photos, but they’re prohibited inside the building. Hopefully that’ll change come result time.

16:56 And things are starting to move along! The ballot papers are being collected and there’s instructions to move over to the ‘adjudication area.’  The wheels are (slowly) in motion. Shall we have results soon?

16:48 Lordship turnout is 2237 votes out of 6206 voters at 36.04%. King’s Park turnout is 3465 votes out of 8753 voters with 39.59%.

16:42 No results yet, but we do have Clissold stats for you. Turnout was 4226 votes out of 9660 voters with an impressive 45.15%!

16:30 More stats for you! London Fields has come in with 3462 votes cast out of 8700 voters at 39.79%.  Brownswood nearly ties them with 2473 votes cast out of 6227 voters at 39.72%. Perhaps a bit surprisingly, Stoke Newington had a rather low turnout with 3689 cast out of 10,080 voters with just 36.6%.

16:15 Turnout for De Beauvoir is at 2576 votes cast for 6665 votes, equal to 38.65%. Woodberry Down is the highest thus far with 2650 votes cast out of 6417 voters at 40.75%.

16:03 Stamford Hill’s turnout is 2282 votes cast out of 6065 at 37.99% . Leabridge’s turnout is a bit higher at 3935 votes cast out of 9966 voters with 39.48%.

15:53 Shacklewell is next to be counted. Turnout is 2392 votes cast out of 6160 voters, so 38.8%.

15:43 Springfield and Cazenove counting underway!

15:30 Ballot papers making their way to the Mayoral counting desks…

15:20 The Mayoral Turnout for Hackney is a little higher than some other boroughs, but still low. Out of 174568 voters there were only  69146 votes cast. This equals a 39.61% turnout.

15:16 Something is happening… Room falls silent

Britannia Leisure Center, where votes are being counted. Photo: Weidong Lin

Britannia Leisure Center, where votes are being counted. Photo: Weidong Lin

14.40 Dark clouds are moving in. First rumble of thunder heard, ominous atmosphere here in Hackney!

14.15 Don’t forget you can also keep up to date with Hackney elections news on our twitter feed.

14.00 Still hopeful for a result announcement at 16.00.

13:32 Counting underway in frantic fashion, here in the bright blue sports hall of the Britannia Leisure Centre, Hackney

The polls are now closed and no more votes may be cast in the borough of Hackney.

The electoral count is now underway having started at 12.00 with results expected to be announced this afternoon after 16.00. 

We are running a live blog covering the electoral count in Hackney so stay with East London Lines for the most up-to-date coverage of the event.

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