Tube Strike Update: More Strikes Next Week

More queues to come

More queues expected as second strike is planned for next week. Photo: Matt Bentman ELL

The Rail, Maritime and Transport Union have promised that tube strikes will continue next week.

Despite strike action, talks with Transport for London have come to a standstill again.

The action occurred because of TFL’s move to fully automate the ticketing system and in doing so close the ticket offices.

Potential job losses if no changes to the plans occur may reach around seven hundred and fifty.

The 48-hour walkout by the RMT earlier this week was described by Mayor of London, Boris Johnson as “mad” and a “wildcat strike”.

In response he said that Prime Minister David Cameron had promised him that he would pass a law to restrict the right to strike on the London Underground if he was to win the next election.

He said he would introduce new laws in order to prevent tube workers from withdrawing their labour by shifting the goalposts of when a strike is legitimate.

Under the new laws, one would require half of the entire union’s approval in order to go on strike as opposed to half of those who turn up to a ballot.

This would make it harder to initiate a strike in the first place.

Our reporter Sandra Glab spoke to the members of RMT union and London Underground users about this ruling.

This week, despite the strikes TFL managed to keep all of the lines open on Wednesday with some level of service.

They are expecting to provide a similar service in the coming week.

ELL will keep you informed of which lines are open and the best ways to get around the capital during the strikes.

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