Freelance workspace opens in Whitechapel

Central Working, Whitechapel. Photo: Deana Georgas

Central Working, Whitechapel. Photo: Central Working

A new membership-only workspace club has opened in Whitechapel, providing freelance professionals and companies with temporary headquarters.

Central Working started in 2011 and has now opened its third club in Whitechapel.

James Layfield, CEO of Central Working, said: “I think that how people work is changing, we are seeing an incredible evolution, meaning that people want more from their workplace. They want to meet new contacts, have incredible surroundings and get love, help and support to grow.”

The interior of the new Central Working in Whitechapel tries to emphasize these values by creating a thoughtfully designed space that facilitates a creative and collaborative environment.

Custom-made furniture is used to optimize working in groups or individually. Large tables, lounge areas, meeting rooms and a café are all available to members who are using the facilities. The effect is something in between a boutique cafe, and an office.

The emphasis for Layfield; however, remains on the collaborative nature of Central Working, he said:

“We are convinced that giving people the right business connections is so crucial that we have built our whole business around enabling that to happen.”

This is the reason behind the new workspace in Whitechapel, with Layfield describing the location in London as “unique”

Central Working facilitates meetings, events and networking opportunities and is open seven days a week for members.

For more information on membership, or the new location, visit here

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