Croydon Minster in desperate need of funds


Croydon Minster service. Photo: Randall Murrow

Croydon Minster, a landmark in the borough’s historic Old Town, is struggling to keep its doors open on weekdays as £30,000 is needed for the general upkeep of the church.

The Croydon Minster offers a range of programs to serve the community, whether its food banks or daily activities for the elderly. However, keeping the church’s doors open during the week has proven to be extremely expensive;  it has currently racked up £23,000 in debt due to heating and lighting bills among other day to day expenses.

Croydon Minster’s Reverend Christopher Moore said: “We see ourselves as a mission shaped church and one which tries to be there and available for the community it seeks to serve.

“We see ourselves as a community of God in the town centre of Croydon. This is why being open to all who wish to visit the church is so important.”

The Croydon Heritage Festival, scheduled on June 21, 2014, is the first of many fundraising events to follow before the end of the church’s fiscal year in December. The festival will include tours of the historical West Tower as well as cake sales, book stalls and live music.

The Croydon Minster, also known as the Mother Church of Croydon, has a long history that dates back to 960.  The church was designated as a minster in 2011, an honorific title given to particular churches in England, usually those of cathedral status and of monastery heritage.

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