Parkour, dance and yoga in new academy

The new Parkour Academy opened in Tower Hamlets. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The new academy provides daily classes in parkour, dance, yoga and more. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A new custom-designed arena and purpose-built indoor parkour facility in Tower Hamlets, Trinity Buoy Wharf has been opened by Chainstore London Academy of Parkour at the historic Chainstore building.

Parkour, a sport developed in France in the late 80s, involves moving rapidly through an area and negotiating obstacles by running, jumping and climbing. The Academy offers daily drop-in services for those who wish to challenge themselves with the facilities as well as daily classes in parkour, strength & conditioning, dance, yoga and more.

“Parkour is about freedom.” says Chris Rowat, manager and senior coach of Parkour Generations. “I think London is one of the most popular cities for Parkour at the moment.

“The community here is very positive and very connected and it’s a nice melting pot for ideas and different training disciplines,” he added. He also said the venue provides a “dream training ground” for those who go there.

“It’s about not being constrained or stopped by obstacles or things that might be in your way and realising that if you are willing to work hard at something then you can overcome almost anything,” he said.

The building included a complete gym set-up, an Olympic lifting platform, kettlebells, Prowler sleds, tyres to flip, ropes to climb and all manner of Strongman and functional fitness equipment to challenge one’s self with. They also offer a Harlequin Activity Floor mirrored area for dance, martial arts and other forms of movement practice.

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