Nine injured after tour boat crashes into Tower Bridge

The tour boat was carrying 126 people when the collision occurred. Photo: Wikicommons

The tour boat was carrying 126 people when the collision occurred. Photo: Wikicommons

A tour boat collided with Tower Bridge midday on Wednesday, leaving nine people injured.

The Millenium Diamond, operated by Millennium City Cruises, was carrying 126 people as it hit the bridge shortly after its departure from Greenwich Pier.

A 64-year old woman was knocked down from the top of some steel steps as the collision happened, and suffered pelvic and head injuries. She was treated by paramedics at the scene, and was later taken to Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel.

Four other people were taken to hospital for minor injuries, while a man and a girl were treated at the scene for minor injuries and made their own way to hospital.  Two more people were treated at the scene.

A lifeboat crew from Waterloo was first to arrive at the scene, under direction of the London Coastguard who coordinated the rescue.

Kevin Maynard, from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, said “”We understand the woman had been standing at the top of some steel steps when the collision happened and the impact knocked her down. We treated the woman by giving her oxygen and using blankets to keep her warm, as well as dressing her wound and placing her on a board to protect her spine.”

City Cruises said on its website that it will continue “to work with the authorities for the safety and welfare of its passengers.

“There have been a small number of minor injuries confirmed, including crew who were immediately assessed and are being transferred to local hospitals.”

The Metropolitan Police Service marine unit also came to the scene. No arrests were made.

The bridge was kept open for traffic as paramedics treated the injured.

A spokesperson for City Cruises said: “Police and paramedics were able to inspect the boat, which has been returned to our London headquarters in Cherry Garden Pier. Our other services remain in operation.”

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