Workshops galore at the third annual Lewisham Job Fair


The fair will include workshops covering key issues around job-seeking. Photo: The Italian Voice/Flickr

The third annual Job Fair in Lewisham will be running on the weekend from Friday June 13 to Saturday June 14, 2014 from 11am to 4pm at Lewisham Town Hall.

This year the job fair will include workshops covering key issues around job-seeking and interviews such as ‘What to wear to work’ or ‘Top tips on securing a job’.

There will be many top organizations participating in this event including McDonalds, Fusion, Lakehouse, National Careers Service, and many more.

The first workshop on Friday 13 June 2014 will discuss “what you get dressed for five days a week”, which is sponsored by Opportunity Access.

The next workshop, entitled ‘Raise your game’, is sponsored by Ardmore Construction and aims to answer the question: “what are the barriers preventing you from getting into employment?”

On Saturday June 14, 2014 a seminar called ‘Top tips on securing a job’ is offered, advertised as a whistle-stop tour of the some of the best tips for completing personal statements on applications forms, and preparing for interviews.

In the afternoon on Saturday, attendees will have the chance to learn about employing themselves with a workshop on starting new businesses.

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