World Cup: armchair drinkers face police crackdown with early morning checkpoints around ELL boroughs

Scotland Yard traffic controller Pic: Met Police

Scotland Yard traffic controller Pic: Met Police

Football fans in the ELL area could pay the penalty if they drive the morning after a boozy night watching the World Cup in the remaining weeks of the tournament.

Police will be patrolling junctions across the four ELL boroughs to check drivers are not over the limit when they get behind the wheel the following day.

And any motorist who is unfit to drive could score a massive own goal with a driving ban and a large fine.

The initiative is part of ‘Operation Safeway,’ a Metropolitan Police scheme which targets unlawful behaviour by motorists, lorry drivers and cyclists.

More than 500 officers will be deployed at unnamed junctions during the intensive two-week operation, which started on Monday.

They will focus on younger drivers and those who will be staying up late to watch World Cup matches.

A Met spokesman said statistics showed that young men were the most likely people to be involved in drink driving accidents.

‘Men are far more likely to be drink drive casualties than women and younger road users are also disproportionately likely to be involved,’ he said.

‘Around one third of those killed or seriously injured were aged between 16 and 24, almost 80% of whom were male.’

The World Cup campaign was welcomed by road safety charity Brake.

Ed Morrow, campaigns officer, said: ‘Drink driving remains one of the biggest killers on our roads, and that includes drivers who are still unsafe to drive the morning after drinking.

‘Alcohol takes a long time to leave your system, and even if you are not over the current legal limit, any amount of alcohol significantly affects your reactions and judgement.

‘We urge all drivers not to have a drop if they are driving early the next morning, or to make alternative travel arrangements if they are going to drink.’

By Guy Toyn

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