Wapping Market: for street food with view

Bill or Beak at the Wapping Market. Pic- Daniela Paiv

Bill or Beak at the Wapping Market. Pic: Daniela Paiva

The non-stop opening of new street markets this summer is certainly a delicious phenomenon. In fact, both visitors and food producers seem to be enjoying different options and styles of fairs to choose from.

Eastlondonlines hit Tower Hamlets to tell you all about the new Wapping Market. Launched on June 29, it is still yet to be discovered as a new spot for many street food lovers.

The market runs every Sunday from 10am to 2pm and offers a variety of local products, artisanal food and flowers.

Anna Issakova, 26, who works in Real Estate and lives in Shadwell, visited for the first time. She said: “We really enjoyed this market. They sell nice things like fresh vegetables and food.”

The location is definitely a charming plus. Situated by Brussels Wharf, Wapping Market has a beautiful view of the River Thames with nice places for casual picnics. There is a stone wall where you can sit and chat, and a small area in the end with wooden tables, benches and trees to chill during a hot day.

Wapping Market is organised by the same people that are behind the Brockley Market, and many of the same stalls can be found at both fairs, like Bill or Beak.

Bill or Beak Burger. Pic: Daniela Paiva

Bill or Beak Burger. Pic: Daniela Paiva

Bill or Beak has produced gourmet burgers for food markets like Brockley Market, Greenwich Market and Camden Town for five months. Owners Lucy Mei, 24, product designer, and her boyfriend Josh Patterson, 26, biomedical scientist, were inspired by the boom of street food and came up with the idea of bringing Vietnamese flavour to a non-traditional burger.

Mei said: “We wanted to do something different so we thought about this dressing which gives a freshness to the burger.”

The main recipe is called “Bill”. It combines duck and pork pieces topped with coriander, chili & mint, tempura shallots and the Vietnamese dressing. Another option is “Beak”, which has grilled corn fed chicken, Caesar dressing, croutons, tempura capers and parmesan cheese.

Teresa Holmes and Ana Gomez, owners of Flavours of Spain. Pic: Daniela Paiva

Teresa Holmes and Ana Gomez, owners of Flavours of Spain. Pic: Daniela Paiva

The clientele of Wapping Market will also find gourmet treats to take home like olives, jams, pickles and handmade flatbreads.

Among the sophisticated products you can taste are the cheese and charcuterie from the stall, Flavours of Spain.

Based in Kent, the company offers high quality products such as manchego cheese, chorizo and iberico.”These are the Brits’ favourites,” said Ana Gomez, 46, from Spain, who left a job in finance to run the business.

With her warm and friendly approach with customers, she is eager to share stories about the produce, where it comes from and how it was made. Along with her is her British associate Teresa Holmes, 43. “We are a ‘Spanglish’ company”, said Ana, which seems to be a great match judging from the enticing food stall at Wapping market.

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