Excuses why people miss tax credit renewal date revealed

HMRC Form Pic: Images_of_Money

HMRC Form Pic: Images_of_Money

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The excuse ‘‘my dog ate my homework’’ no longer applies solely to schoolchildren after HMRC today revealed a list of 10 lame excuses for not renewing tax credits claims.

Statistics released by the HMRC also indicated that within London, Croydon residents received the third highest amount of tax credits (30,300) last year, with the other ELL boroughs not far behind.

A staggering 13 percent (over 650,000) of claimants failed to renew on time in 2013, while 1.5 million currently still need to renew their claims this year.

With the tax credits renewal deadline of July 31 looming, HMRC has released the list of excuses, which includes:

  • My dog ate the form
  • My baby used the paperwork as a colouring book
  • The form was locked in the boot of my car, and then my car caught fire
  • I didn’t need the money because I’d met a rich bloke, but he dumped me
  • My mum usually does this for me
  • I got confused with the 31 January Self-Assessment deadline
  • I booked the last two weeks of July for a holiday and forgot all about it
  • I’ve been in hospital but am feeling much better now
  • I was unable to get income details from my employers in time
  • I thought I’d already renewed

 London boroughs: 2013 tax credits

To help people get their claims in on time this year, HMRC have launched a platform on www.gov.uk, together with an HMRC app through which claimants can renew online.

Nick Lodge, Director General of Benefits and Credits, HMRC, said:

“So far, over 203,000 claimants have renewed online. It’s a quick and easy way to do it.

“We’ve now made it even better and are encouraging everyone to renew online if they can, at a time that suits them.

“Renewing tax credits on time is important. People who don’t renew by the deadline can, and do, lose their payments.”

Tax credits are benefits that provide additional funds to those responsible for children, disabled workers and some workers earning low wages.

Claimants can get help and information on tax credits renewals from the website: gov.uk/browse/benefits/tax-credits, or by telephoning the tax credits helpline on 0345 300 3900.

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