International Kissing Day in East London


East London’s diversity makes for a mixture of kissing culture from all over the globe. Photo by Chad McDonald

It burns calories, lowers stress and even boosts your immune system! No, I’m not talking about the latest fad diet. I’m talking about that wonderful sensation of pressing your lips against those of someone you care about: the kiss.

On Sunday July 6 it will be time to celebrate kissing in all its forms and splendour as International Kissing Day sweeps the UK. But while many may think they would rather be celebrating with some lip smacking beneath the Eiffel Tower or on the top of the Empire State Building, there is plenty of romance to be made in the east of our fair city.

Indeed, there is a unique quirkiness and unmatched atmosphere about the east London boroughs that can ignite the emotions behind the practice of kissing.  Not only that, but with over 90 per cent of the world’s cultures indulging in the practice, east London’s diversity makes for a mixture of kissing culture from all over the globe. Whether it’s a smack on each cheek for a greeting or a kiss on the forehead for comfort, the kiss is one of humanity’s most meaningful gestures.


Recent survey found 87 per cent of us feel that poor kissing technique could be a deal breaker. Photo by Brian Richardson

We took to the streets in east London to quiz residents about the most romantic spots to kiss, their first and most recent kisses and to get their thoughts on the practice in general. The consensus was that parks, tops of tall buildings, under trees and even alleyways would all make the cut for east Londoners looking to lay one on the person they fancy. But they also agreed that kissing is a powerful gesture that should be used with the best of intentions.

26-year-old logistics coordinator James Barlow, for one, thought that a kiss is a precious thing. “It should mean something,” he explained. “And just as you shouldn’t throw the word ‘love’ about too much, you shouldn’t kiss too much.”

“A kiss says more than even a hug,” explained east London artist Alex Walker, 25.

“Even though I’m 23 years old I still kiss my mum goodbye as a way of saying ‘I love you’, even though I don’t have to say it,” said Kristy Saunders, a recent university graduate.

Yes there are so many ways to use a kiss. The people walking the streets of east London told us that their most recent kisses include giving a beloved pooch a peck on the head, kissing a sister goodbye or even just showing some affection to a friend by kissing them on the cheek.

However the most common way to celebrate International Kissing Day is to lock lips with the person you love in a romantic way. And a special day calls for special measures and East London Lines is here to help you make this kiss one you and your partner will not soon forget!

A recent survey by [] found 87 per cent of us feel that poor kissing technique could be a deal breaker when it comes to starting a new relationship. So particularly if you’re in the early stages, you should take heed of the following tips to help nail that perfect kiss.

The same survey found that the biggest kissing no-no was bad breath with a whopping 45 per cent of respondents naming it as their top turn-off. Other faux pas included too much tongue, aggressiveness and keeping one’s eyes open. Check out our graph for more information and to help you prepare for Kissing Day.

What was your first kiss like?









But aside from your technique, your breath and your passion, the last important part of the great kiss is all about location, location, location! Luckily for east Londoners, there is no shortage of idyllic and intimate spots that would make a perfect setting for a smooch or two. We at ELL have created a map that will give you some excellent ideas places to head on Sunday with your date that will put everyone in the mood. Just click on one of the markers to get the details – then join in yourself by posting your favourite places to lock lips with your love. Add the URL for the location below in the comments or email it to with your reasons why this is the perfect spot to celebrate this Sunday.

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