Tower Hamlets targets alcohol sales to minors​


New alcohol scheme Pic: Baynham Goredema

New alcohol scheme Pic: Baynham Goredema

Tower Hamlets Council has launched a new scheme to stop retailers from selling alcohol to youngsters under the age of 18 and restore responsible drinking in the community.

The scheme is a national initiative led by Community Alcohol Partnerships (CAP), that works in partnership with local authorities within the country to de-escalate anti-social behaviour caused by alcohol consumption.

The launch took place Wednesday July 9, at Weavers Field in Bethnal Green.

Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman said: “Working in partnership is fundamental to the success of this initiative to ensure young people are educated on the harmful effects of alcohol and to ensure retailers are made aware of their responsibilities.”

The CAP initiative, led by the council’s department of consumer and business regulations service, hopes to liaise with 38 off licenses in the surrounding pilot area.

The model will also recognise the importance of working alongside council services, retailers such as Sainsbury and Tesco, schools, health services, enforcement officers and housing associations.

Tower Hamlets has become the second inner-city borough to have launch a scheme to lower drink-related anti-social behaviour.


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