Danny Baker’s daughter rocks the Pelton Arms


Joker in the pack..but Danny’s daughter is serious talent. Pic Star Cards

Mancie Baker, 15, is set to create a Deptford entertainment dynasty as she follows in her father’s footsteps of fame. The singer songwriter is the daughter the south London DJ Danny Baker, and has been packing regulars into the Pelton Arms in Greenwich with a solo spot every Sunday afternoon.

Mancie has also played the Regent’s Park Festival and has worked with big names like The Strypes and another top Deptford musician, Chris Difford, formerly of Squeeze. She taught herself to play from the internet, using her dad’s old guitar which had been gathering dust in the loft at the family’s home.

The teenager has now written more than 30 songs and is expected to get a recording deal soon on the strength of a demo disc being promoted by her famous father.

Carly Dexter Fry, assistant manager of the The Pelton Arms said Mancie had been a huge hit with regulars at the famous music pub. “She has been very, very well received,’ Dexter Fry told East London Lines. “She is very, very good indeed.

“Her dad has turned up to see her. I don’t know what sort of music you would call it. But we are very pleased to see her packing them in at The Pelton.”

In her first ever national interview with Amazing Radio , Mancie said although her father is a talented host and entertainer, she is the only member of her family with any real musical ability.

“All I do is listen to music, that’s all I do. I just started playing the guitar. I thought, I can do this,” she said. It was a lot of Googling how to play the guitar and YouTube and stuff. It didn’t take that long because you only learn the basics of guitar and that’s all you need.”

Mancie said although she enjoys playing pub gigs, nothing could beat performing in front packed festival audiences with headline acts.

“‘I didn’t even realise when we got to Regents Park Festival there were 1,200 seats. This is 1,150 more people than usual It was a big leap, especially because I was with The Stripes who are so incredible. But once I was on stage it happened so fast and when I came off it was so much better I wanted to do it again.”

Manice said her music is country flavoured and she cites Taylor Swift and Brad Paisley as major influences.

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