Mile End man ran over detective and broke her leg


Woman police officer was seriously hurt. Pic: Lars

A woman detective was run over after she pulled over a driver on suspicion of drug dealing. Liaquat Ali, 46, left PC Gemma Hale with a fractured lower leg when he drove over her foot in his silver Volvo.

He was on licence at the time after serving a prison sentence for stabbing a man in the face with a screwdriver in April 2009. On 2 February last year officers spotted the passenger in Ali’s car swallowing something and washing it down with large amounts of water.

Two unmarked police cars tried to trap the Volvo in Casson Street in Shoreditch, east London. But when PC Hale tapped the passenger window with her baton Ali reversed, trapping her foot under his car, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard.

She suffered a spiral fracture to her tibia as she twisted and fell to the ground in agony. Ali drove off but was later arrested about a mile away in Harper Street, Whitechapel.

PC Hale had to have a plate inserted into her shin and a screw in her ankle while she had intensive physiotherapy.She only returned to full-time shifts in November.

The passenger was taken to hospital after telling police he had swallowed 30 wraps of class A drugs. Ali, of Harford Street, Mile End, later pleaded guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm but now claims that he thought the officers were a gang of car-jackers.

Andrew Dickens, prosecuting, said: ‘Ali said in hospital, “The police ran at me with batons, it’s not my fault she got in the way,” but he later refused to sign the statement. Later on at the police station he said “I panicked man, there were police running my way with their blue lights, I just reversed man,” but he also refused to sign this statement.’

Mr Dickens added: “He said later he didn’t know police were trying to stop him, but thought it was a gang of white youths who were trying to attack his car.”

Steven Pidcock, for Ali, said: ‘He does take responsibility for what he has done but [PC Hale] was not struck by the vehicle, nor was the car being used as a weapon.’

He added: ‘He continues to assert he doesn’t know they were police officers, and he said considering his peer group and considering the peer groups he’s had in the past they could well have been trying to rob him because he had drugs on him.’

‘They were in an unmarked car, they had hooded tops, and tracksuits and it was at night.’

Judge Peter Guest adjourned sentencing until 12 September for a Newton hearing to decide the facts and saids: ‘It makes significant difference to sentencing if he though he was being attacked by a gang of thugs who might steal his car.

The court was told Ali  has a total of nine previous convictions for 14 offences, including theft and drug dealing.





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