Review of mental health code of practice


Black Mental Health UK: Pic: BHM UK

Black Mental Health UK: Pic: BHM UK

Black Mental Health UK,  is holding a public meeting today on a new code of practice for detainees under the Mental Health Act.

The meeting which will be held today at Family Health Isis, will discuss the disproportionate number of black Britons held in detention and their treatment under the 1983 Mental Health Act which covers a patients’ admission, treatment and discharge from hospital.

Matilda MacAttram director of BMH UK said: “Data shows that detention rates under the Mental Health Act are more than six times higher for people from our community than their white counterparts. In fact rates of being sectioned under the Mental Health Act has more than tripled over the past few years for black Britons, which means that almost every family is affected by this issue.”

The code, which will be reviewed at the meeting with the Department of Health, looks at ways of providing care and support for detainees, their families and carers.

MacAttram said: “BMH UK welcome the opportunity to work with the DH on the review of the MH Act code of practice which will enable our organisation to promote awareness and understanding of the Code to people from Black African-Caribbean backgrounds.”

The meeting  is  will be held this afternoon at Family Health Isis, 1 Aislibie Rd, Lee,  2:00-4:30pm.

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