Blind man asks Goldsmiths students to read to him

Andrew Bailey posted an advert asking people to read to him. Pic: Twitter

Andrew Bailey posted an advert asking people to read to him. Pic: Twitter

A 34-year-old blind man from Nunhead was left “overwhelmed” by responses after posting a hand-written advert in a Goldsmiths corridor asking people to read to him.

Bailey suffers from an inherited neurological disorder which caused him to lose his eye sight 15 years ago.

He decided to reach out to the students after one of his regulars had to stop providing the service.

As Goldsmiths is his closest university, Bailey took the opportunity to advertise his message in the main entrance of the building.

Bailey said: “I have advertised at Goldsmiths several times before. I also advertised in a bookshop. The university and the bookshop seemed the best places to get my message across to readers.”

The message read: “I miss reading immensely and would greatly appreciate somebody to come to my house and read to me.”

Bailey, a bookworm since he studied American Studies at Northampton University, said he felt an “empty space” in his life since his sight deteriorated.

A picture of the poster was uploaded on social media and more than 1,000 people have re-tweeted it since then, with incredible numbers of readers offering to help Bailey.

“I have lost count of the number of responses,” said Bailey. “I always ask for some basic information about the person before I invite them for an informal interview and try out some reading.”

He added: “I always have a carer here for security reasons. If I click with the reader, and they have a voice that I can hear… then we will arrange to meet again.”

Bailey said that the response has made him “feel fantastic” and has given him faith in humanity.

If you want to read to Andrew Bailey leave a message in our comments and we will pass on your details (they won’t be published).

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