Deptford store featured in Martin Scorsese’s new movie

ARCHdeptford, a fine art supply store, has been used as a set for Martin Scorsese's latest movie. Pic: Hannah Gresty

ARCHdeptford has been used as a set for Martin Scorsese’s latest movie. Pic: Hannah Gresty

A film produced by legendary director Martin Scorsese has been spotted shooting today in a Deptford shop.

Fine art supply shop ARCHdeptford, located opposite Deptford rail station, was selected to be used as a set in a new film entitled “Tomorrow”. The cast includes movie stars Stephen Fry, Sophie Kennedy-Clarke of Lars Von Triers’ “Nymphomaniac”, and singer Joss Stone.

Paul Marks, director of ARCHdeptford said: “The film company sent someone out looking for locations and they came across this.

“People have asked to use this space before but that’s usually the last time you ever hear of them, so at first I just sort of said yes not really expecting anything.”

Marks said he was pleased that ARCH and Deptford were being included in a feature film, and hopes that it will gain the area some recognition.

He said: “Anything that will promote Deptford and the local area, I’m always willing to help with. The film company said that eventually they will promote the fact that it was filmed in this place in Deptford, so hopefully they will do.”

Despite being filmed in his shop, Marks was kept somewhat in the dark. He said: “Everything has been kept rather quiet really. The said they’re arriving at three and I know Stephen Fry signed up, as did someone from the Lars Von Trier film, but that’s all I know.”

“Tomorrow” will explore the difficulties soldiers face when they try to reintegrate into society, and is being directed by Scorsese’s long-standing script supervisor Martha Pinson.

Pinson said of her directorial debut: “’Tomorrow’ explores the difficulty of moving on from losses and injuries, to forget a life, to find sustaining work, and experience love.”

Back in 2012, the Marquis of Granby pub on New Cross Road was briefly shown in the James Bond film “Skyfall”. Different areas of Deptford have also been used as sets for many other films, including Edgar Wright’s “Shaun of the Dead”, and David Cronenberg’s “Spider”.

Scorsese is best known for “Taxi Driver”, starring Robert De Niro, and “Goodfellas”, starring Ray Liotta, Joe Pesci and De Niro. His latest feature film “Wolf of Wall Street” ranked in an estimated $18,361,578 over its opening weekend.

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